While filming Season 3 of Boys, the cast and Jensen Ackles hang around

Member of “The Boys” On Instagram, Antony Starr posts a photo of Jensen Ackles chilling out with the cast during the latest season’s production. The Amazon Prime series, which was adapted from a comic book of the same name, premiered in 2019 and instantly became a smash sensation.

The show’s brutal and daring writing, which dissected the superhero genre with a critical eye, was praised by viewers and critics alike. The Boys focuses on a group of disillusioned vigilantes who are trying to bring down Vought, a shady and violent organisation.

Starr, who represents the infamous Homelander on The Boys, has now shared a photo of Ackles connecting with his new cast members on Instagram. Take a look at the image below:

Ackles’ shift to The Boys has come as a pleasant surprise to many Supernatural fans. The much-loved horror series ended its run at the end of 2020, after fifteen years on the air. Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural, also worked on The Boys.

Kripke was unsure if Ackles would be interested in the project at first, but the actor graciously accepted. The show already has a strong cast, and the addition of Ackles will only help the show. Supernatural has a large fan base, and with Ackles playing a crucial role in season 3 of The Boys, Amazon could see a significant increase in views as a result of his appearance.

There haven’t been many updates on The Boys season 3 filming schedule, but based on the above image, things appear to be going well. Off set, the group appears to have a nice chemistry, which can only bode well for season 3. Season 3 of The Boys is currently without a release date due to the fact that filming has yet to conclude, but fans are eager for any news they can obtain. Although this graphic does not provide any plot details for the forthcoming season of The Boys, Amazon should start putting out additional promotional material shortly.

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