Liv Morgan

Which WWE Moment Meant The Most To Liv Morgan: The MITB Victory Or The Cash In?

Liv Morgan will never forget this year’s WWE Money In The Bank after winning the Money In The Bank suitcase and skillfully cashing it on the same night, but which one of those wins means more to her genuinely? Morgan recently attempted to determine this while speaking with us, but it was not an easy decision. Morgan stated, I want to say winning the championship because, you know, it’s bigger. They’re so even.

I don’t remember, because Money In The Bank was already amazing for me, so to cash in same night and become champion was all like, ‘Ooh.’ I’m still sort of trying to come to terms with it. So I’m not sure which felt quite special, bigger, or greater to me. Morgan’s WWE career began with the SmackDown Women’s title as her first championship. Morgan cashed in the suitcase to end Ronda Rousey’s reign after Rousey successfully defended her title against Natalya.

Morgan, however, had to compete against six other women in a ladder match to earn the chance. Despite her internal conflict, Morgan made a decision that confirmed her initial instinct. No, I’m not cashing in, she said. The former Riott Squad member’s focus now shifts to sustaining the gold and putting together for a remarkable reign. Her first title defence will actually happen this weekend at WWE SummerSlam, and she will have to deal with former champion and ex-UFC star Rousey, who is planned to contend in a rematch at the forthcoming premium live event.


Liv Morgan will have the opportunity to show that her championship victory over Ronda Rousey was no fluke. Morgan will protect her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Rousey at SummerSlam, WWE revealed late Friday night. The company announced less than a week into Morgan’s 1st championship reign. Last Saturday night, she won the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match at the titular event.

Morgan raced to the ring less than two hours later to cash in her agreement for a championship match against Rousey, who just sustained a title fight against Natalya. Morgan’s money nearly backfired. Rousey snatched an ankle lock quickly. Morgan, on the other hand, was able to escape by kicking Rousey in the knee, which was the focal point of her match against Natalya. Morgan rolled up Rousey and pinned her. The game lasted only a minute.

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