Where Should Kyrie Go From The Brooklyn Nets?

Where Should Kyrie Go From The Brooklyn Nets?

The situation involving Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets has already shaken the NBA world. Whether Kyrie would be signing with the Nets or will he be parting ways, it seems unclear. Due to this, there is tension in the Nets’ locker room. It can be said that they are waiting for this tide to pass. However, it is clear that the Nets do not want to lose him but they do want to teach him a lesson.

If by chance Kyrie decides to part ways with the franchise, he will be obviously looking for a team contending for the title. Kyrie’s availability in the transfer market would obviously lead to teams pouncing on him to boost their roster. These are the few teams desperately vying for his signature except for the Boston Celtics that is.

Los Angeles Lakers

Believe it or not, the Lakers are pushing for Kyrie Irving. Signing him would mean they can get rid of Russell Westbrook and his contract in the process. Reuniting him with LeBron James is going to be benefitting for both James and Kyrie. Plus having Anthony Davis alongside would mean that their defense will be covered if he remains healthy that is. If the dream trio is completed, then the Lakers are well on their way to a championship.

New York Knicks

The Knicks need an identity apart from Julius Randle who is on the wrong side of the Knicks fans. The pressure of the Knicks media might be a bit much for Kyrie. However, the roster that the Knicks have right now, they just need a superstar to push their team forward. There is also a possibility that they won’t have to give away anything if Kyrie decides to just leave the Nets without signing a contract. This would put the Knicks back to title contention in a long while.

Miami Heat

Believe it or not the Miami Heat will benefit the most form this trade if they were to get Kyrie Irving. Its true they have Kyle Lowry but he is now on a downward spiral. Kyrie will fulfill that role of the playmaker as well as taking the scoring duty when the Heat might have trouble scoring. If the Heat sneak up and take Kyrie Irving then surely it is going to be the steal of the offseason trade. This way they will surely win the championship and discipline Kyrie Irving in some way or the other.

Utah Jazz

This might be the most underrated signing. With tensions between the Utah Jazz and Donovan Mitchell, they can sign Kyrie Irving who can play the role of the primary scorer for them. What’s more is that he wouldn’t have qualms with getting the ball to Rudy Gobert who would be protecting the paint. More than anything, Irving would become the offensive power that the Jazz are lacking in a lot of ways plus his playmaking would benefit.

These look like the best destinations for Kyrie Irving if he wishes not to stay with the Nets. Of course staying with the Nets will benefit Kyrie for the long run as well. He can win the championship with KD which is initially why he joined the Nets in the first place. If someone is to be blamed then it is surely Kyrie. Although KD says that the franchise didn’t understand Kyrie, but the vice versa is also true. Let’s see what this offseason holds for both Kyrie and the Nets.

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