When WWE called regarding the Roman Reigns match, Goldberg had COVID 

When WWE called regarding the Roman Reigns match, Goldberg had COVID 

On February 19, Goldberg was beaten by Universal Champion Roman Reigns at the event. Why he was chosen as Reigns’ opponent on the programme, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion revealed. Two-time Following his journey to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for Elimination Chamber, WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg joined the CarCast podcast this week. Despite putting in a good 5:59 minutes of effort throughout the match, Goldberg admitted that he only had two weeks to prepare for the event due to his illness with Covid. 

“Not only do a lot of people know what the likely outcome of his match with Roman Reigns will be, but I obviously just had a short amount of time to prepare for it,” Goldberg said. “Even I didn’t do my training in three months.” I had Covid with me when I got the call to go. I have only two weeks to get ready for this.

“In the documentary, what people don’t realise will be stated. Is it tough to achieve that as a 20-year-old? It’s considerably more difficult as a 30-year-old. For a 40-year-old, it’s practically impossible. What are your plans now that you’re 55 years old? It’s because I’m one of the 0.003 percent of people on the planet capable of such feats. However, with so many negatives working against you, it’s tough to have a positive attitude while doing it.”

Why Goldberg returned?

“Man, Roman’s a fantastic person,” Goldberg added. “Let’s be honest, let’s be really honest. I would have squashed him if he had been fifteen years ago. But now it’s a different tale altogether. I am 55 years old. I play in two matches every year. So, what’m I going to do now? Come in at one of the biggest pay-per-views. Beat the WWE Universal Champion, take the title home with me for six months. But, then return as a champion?

“I mean, I haven’t written the script.” I simply attempt to stay on top of things. That’s how I’m going to understand it, at least. One of the main reasons I returned was to contribute to the firm, as I previously indicated. If I can hype Roman up for WrestleMania and make him seem like a million bucks versus Brock, that’s my job. Then, well, 90% of the time, you know what the plot is going to be.” The entire journey has been an uphill battle for me. At this point, and for as long as I’ve been able to do this on a tight schedule. You go out and perform your job to the best of your abilities.”

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