When Rey Mysterio enters the ring, why is he wearing a mask?

In Mexico, where professional wrestling is known as “Lucha Libre,” Rey Mysterio started his career. Over a century of Lucha Libre heritage includes masked wrestlers. El Santo, one of Mexico’s most well-known wrestlers, was even buried in his mask after he passed away in 1984. Mysterio is only honoring this tradition, despite the fact that he did compete briefly in WCW without a mask on.

About Lucha Libre

Masks used in Lucha Libre have a certain aura about them. Because of this, a wrestler will never take off his mask in front of others and cannot put it back on after losing it. That is still the case. Without a doubt, El Santo and Blue Demon have been the most recognizable mask holders.

El Santo ”The Legend”

El Santo used to be the only structure on top of the volcano. In the 1960s, Lucha Libre was essentially unheard of, but El Santo’s wrestling films broke new ground in Spanish-speaking cinemas all over the world. Mil Mascaras, Santo’s presumptive successor, was presented to English-speaking audiences through UHF networks’ Los Angeles advertisements. He began his career with the WWWF, where he created history by becoming the first wrestler to wear a mask to Madison Square Garden. Mascaras was defeated in his 1972 debut matchup with the illustrious SPOILER.

Did WWE ever decided to tell Rey live on television to loose the mask?

Rey Mysterio may have wrestled for a number of years without a mask on, but when fans think of him, it is with that mask that they most readily know him. Has the WWE ever proposed that he take the mask off despite the fact that he has worn it the entire time of his career?

The answer is ”NEVER”. He hasn’t received any original suggestions on how to be revealed. Mysterio’s mask has undoubtedly been removed by wrestlers during his career, including Chris Jericho and Randy Orton, but he has always been able to reappear.

Rey Mysterio is a future ”Hall Of Famer”, period.

Mysterio is still being pushed to the limit by WWE Creative, who scripted implausible victories against a number of top talents who were far bigger and better than the cruiserweight. Alberto Del Rio was the only person who could have challenged him for the title of Top Latino. But it appears like El Patron’s inability to advance in his career may be due to attitude issues.

Rey Mysterio could be regarded as the greatest Mexican wrestler of all time when his career is through. This might be the push that finally finishes his thirty-year career and propels him into the Hall of Fame. Even though Mysterio has been in the wrestling industry for 32 years overall, WWE is heavily promoting him as they honor his 20th anniversary of making his debut with the company.

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