PRIME Hydration UK Release Date Announced By KSI & Logan Paul

It has been over four months since Logan Paul and KSI, the once fiercerivals came together as business partners and launched a hydration beverage – PRIME Hydration.

While Prime Hydration fetched insane popularity, selling out within four hours of its launch in America, the hydration drink has still not hit the store shelves in the United Kingdom. This has invited a lot of curiosity, and perhaps anger from the fans.

Currently, PRIME is only available in America in Walmart, VitaminShoppe, GNC, and some other major retailers in the country. However, KSI and Logan have now teased when PRIME will hit the store shelves in the UK, Australia, and other countries of the world.

PRIME Hydration UK Release Date [Update 2022]

Prime Hydration is going to launch in the UK on 17 June, 2022. KSI posted a video on his Twitter account alongside Logan Paul.

In the video Logan Paul said “YO Big News! PRIME is launching in the UK, tomorrow”!

Prime Hydration Target Deal

Earlier KSI teased similar plans of UK Release of Prime Hydration but the plan did not materialize.

Now, after Logan Paul and KSI bagged a massive deal of Prime Hydration in 2000+ Target stores, its time for them to come to Tesco UK.


Under the comments, someone asked ‘Tesco Next?’ and Logan replied subtly ‘MAYbe’.

Logan capitalized the word ‘MAY’ hinting that Prime Hydration drink is all set to release in the UK in the month of May.

Even earlier when KSI retweeted a tweet by Logan and wrote ‘Why isn’t it in the U.K. yet?!?!?”, Logan paul replied to it by saying “it MAY come sooner than you think…”

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