What’s The Status Of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West, After Her & Pete Davidson’s Split

Today is a sad day, for Kete Fans as the couple has parted ways already. It comes as a shock that Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson are no longer together as a few days back it was reported that the couple’s long-distance relationship is going strong.

The news was firstly reported by E! news, that the two broke up even though there is no confirmation from the couple themselves. Kim Kardashian still has her photos with Pete on her Instagram handle she hasn’t deleted anything. The source revealed the reason behind their split and said that it’s because of the “long-distance dynamic and their demanding working schedules.”

What’s The Status Of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Then?

Kim Kardashian filed a divorce in the year 2021 with Kanye West after six years of marriage, due to differences and not so-fulfilling marriage. Since then Kanye West has publicly tried to threaten Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson and use to rant about Kim & him on social media.

Coming back to the present, it seems like now everything is good between Kim & Kanye according to the sources. Both of them have joint custody of their children and it’s known that both of them are co-parenting well.

Sources say, ” Kim and Kanye have been co-parenting very well as of late. They are very civil with each other right now, there are no issues. They are both treating each other with mutual respect.”

Kim Kardashian also promoted Kanye’s brand Yeezy on her Instagram by posting pictures of her and her daughter. Her caption reads, “YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ”.

What Happened To The Long Distance Relationship Going Strong?

Previously it was revealed by an insider that their relationship is going strong even after being miles apart. As Pete Davidson has gone to Australia for the shoot of his upcoming film Wizards! The popular Kardashian is in Los Angeles with her kids. It was reported that Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson were constantly communicating with each other, this is how things were working well for them. The source said they FaceTime each other consistently and “always getting quick phone calls in when they can”.

But seems like they weren’t really good at handling long distances that’s why they split ways.

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