What’s The “Internal Shower” Drink Viral Trend On TikTok About?

Tik Tok & its trend never ends, if you want a hack or a quick recipe the best place to find it is on Tik Tok.

In past days, a drink on Tik Tok is going viral, and people are actually making it & as per them the results of drinking it are quite effective. The name of the drink is “internal shower” which is claimed to relieve you from bloating & constipation.

People are making short clips on its effectiveness, how it’s made, how it helps, its advantages & disadvantages and so on. The inventor of this very popular drink is said to be Daryl Gioffre, a health & wellness coach, also the author of 2 books named “Get off your acid” and “Get off your sugar”.

How To Make An Internal Shower Drink?

Let’s first talk about the ingredients needed for making the health effective drink, for this you would need the following.

  1. Half lemon juice
  2. One water cup
  3. 2 tablespoon chia seeds

That’s it you only need three ingredients to make it, it’s that simple. Add all the above-mentioned ingredients, mix it, stir it well and wait for 10-15 minutes until the chia seeds become like a gel.

Is The Drink Really Effective As Claimed By Tik Tok Users?

As we all know not every quick hack is always good it has some bad effects too. People on Tik Tok have shared the good and the bad side to it as well.

The good side about drinking internal shower is, that it contains chia seeds it has more fiber and protein which is good for your health. It does relieve you from bloating and constipation. A tip is that you don’t have to overconsume it, as too much fiber can do harm.

Some say even though the internal drink may help you to relieve constipation & bloating but if you consume it more then it is not good for your health especially when you have allergies. It may help you for the moment but may cause harm to your stomach in the long run. As the drink is a mix of Chia seeds and water it becomes a little thick making it hard to consume and would lead to choking. Instead of this, you can try lemon juice and water for digestion.

This trend of internal shower drinks has gone so viral that there are 200M+ views of such tik-toks and also many posts related to it. If you search using the hashtag #internalshower you can see the craze. Also, you can check out various reviews about this drink as well, as many people are sharing their views about the drink.

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