What’s The Best Advice Vince McMahon Ever Gave To John Cena?

What’s The Best Advice Vince McMahon Ever Gave To John Cena?

WWE’s John Cena discussed his professional life, which include his character arc all through his WWE run.

He disclosed that the John Cena character will indeed not go through what Cena explained as a tectonic shift in 2009. This prompted him to experiment with nuance and nice character changes, which Cena thinks became more visible to fans over time.

But everybody wants to believe what is happening. Even the most legendary superhero characters, who are known for their achievements, are allowed to step back. There is a distinct distinction. The WWE audience does not want that. They are not.

That’s what continues to keep them coming back, and it’s what keeps the train running. That’s a factor. So I was informed that I would not experience a tectonic shift in the character of John Cena, likely around 2009. So that enabled me to get that discussion off the table, which I needed to do or I would have gone into nuance.

If I was going through all that in my life, it would be much easier to take those nuances and incorporate them into a performance. And I don’t believe I’m the only one. I believe that many actors use the process of taking on their feelings and thoughts, their core emotions at a given time, and then trying to project them onscreen. I became so familiar with the character that I could be frustrated and do the same thing over and over, or I could delve into trivial matters.

Even when the viewer said I was doing the same stuff, I knew the modifications were so nuanced that they wouldn’t notice it today, later today, or in a month.

John Cena also talked the art of in-ring storytelling

But they’d notice it over time. And they would truly see the fault lines as they moved along. And it’s a lengthy, tedious process, but I don’t have 90 minutes to express my feelings. I’d like to think of myself as a permanent member of the WWE family, with a story to tell for as long as I’m alive.

John Cena also talked the art of in-ring storytelling, saying that he thought WWE veterans he worked with early in his professional life were lazy as they would call fights in the ring.

He later realised it wasn’t laziness, however these veterans were just so skilled in the ring at telling stories, which Cena was afterward able to figure out for himself.

Afterward, John Cena, who recently left ICM after 18 years, was questioned what suggestions he may give to young actors. Cena, who stated that he disliked giving advice, talked about how he was nearly fired from WWE at one moment and how he assumed his film career was over after a thread of early failures. As a result, his suggestion is that good work engenders opportunity and therefore it is critical to persevere and not give up.


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