What's Next For The Boston Celtics?

What’s Next For The Boston Celtics?

The Golden State Warriors have been crowned the 2022 NBA Champion. They have done all they can to win the Championship and truly they have defied all odds when everyone was doubting them. They have ascertained their hold on the throne and will likely get the league all riled up to go after their heads.

On the other hand you have the Boston Celtics who failed to win the championship this year. But that is not to say that their run was a failure. The Celtics had a commendable playoff performance against the Eastern Conference Giants like the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat.

They have exacted revenge on those opponents who were the reason they had experienced early playoff exits and became the Eastern Conference Champions. Now the question is what’s next for the Boston Celtics? Can they come back next season and replicate their previous performance?

Player Retention and Draft Picks

The answer lies on their players right now. First of all player retention! For the better, the Boston Celtics do not have any notable players whose contract is expiring this off-season, neither do they have players on the chopping block. This is a huge deal for the Celtics as they can keep their roster alike for the next season.

As for the 2022 Draft goes, the Celtics gave up their first round pick to the San Antonio Spurs when they acquired Derrick White. They however hold a 2nd round pick and if luck serves them well, they might get a floor general who might turn things around.

The Coaches and Players

The next thing is the coaching staff. The Celtics have that bit covered as well with Ime Udoka spearheading the staff. Udoka’s contribution to the Celtics rapid growth deserves a lot of praise as he got the Celtics out of such a competitive Eastern Conference. Not to mention it took Celtics over a decade to reach that stage and it is thanks to Ime Udoka guiding the young generation.

The veteran presence in the Celtics like Al Horford has been a blessing for the Celtics. He turned the series to the Celtics favor going against the Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo. Having too many veteran players like the Lakers do can demerit your team as an old team and can be easily overrun. But the Celtics had just one person and that too someone who wants to win no matter what.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have developed into great two-way players and the loss in the Finals is exactly what they needed to fuel themselves especially for Tatum who struggled immensely in the closing games. He is likely to take this as a learning step and is going to hit the weight room holding those frustrations within himself. It will not be surprising to see Jayson Tatum in MVP conversations for the next season.

Their Competition

Finally looking at their competitions, the Celtics might not have a playoff run like this time. Next season, the rest of the Eastern Conference will see themselves as threats and will size them up to take care of them in the NBA playoffs.

The Milwaukee Bucks are going to be in full strength with the return of Khris Middleton. The Brooklyn Nets will make some moves to put themselves in a contention position. Over in Philadelphia, the duo of Harden and Embiid will be working on their chemistry and will be formidable.

The Miami Heat will be developing their players to tighten their defense. On top of that there are teams like the Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers who are hovering under the radar but their strength cannot be undermined or looked down upon.

With such possibilities coming up, the Celtics need to be at the top of their game. But looking at the way they are developing players, coaching the team and retaining their core members, the future is really bright as coach Ime Udoka said. Come the next seasons, the Boston Celtics will be the ones who will lift the NBA Championship.

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