What Will Daniel Craig Miss Most About James Bond

Daniel Craig has revealed what he will miss most about playing James Bond. The actor has been James Bond since 2006 with Casino Royale and his time as the character has been praised. It has been deemed as one of the strongest periods of the franchise as well.

The fifth and final film with him as James Bond is set to release in the US on October 8. Initially, Daniel was not as welcome when he replaced his predecessor, Pierce Brosnan. His casting was met with backlash and many even made online campaigns to boycott his first film Casino Royale. However, after he made his debut in the franchise, the movie was critically acclaimed and his grittier take on the spy received praise.

Casino Royale and Skyfall are often ranked among the Bond series’ best entries. After 15 years now, when his final James Bond movie, No Time To Die will premiere, Daniel tells NYT that he is going to miss the filmmaking process the most. The actor shed light on the amount of effort it took to take something so big off the ground. He admitted that the film’s release troubles are proof of how hard it can be.

However, he says there is no sweeter reward. The actor shared, “I’ll miss the massive team effort that it takes. It’s nearly five years since we started this project, as frustrating and sort of anxiety-making as that can be. Sometimes it feels like it’s not going to happen, but it’s an incredibly creative process and I will miss that. I’ve got other projects I do, and they’ll reward me, but there’s nothing quite like a Bond movie.”

The actor was then specifically asked what he would miss about James Bond as a character. Daniel shared that he has given all that he can to the character. The actor added, “He’s as there as he’ll ever be for me. I mean, who knows? I don’t have a clear answer to that.” No Time To Die was made with the understanding that it will be Daniel’s last time as James Bond. It seems like the movie will provide closure so that he can move on from the part.

Fans know how unique it feels to watch a movie this big and Daniel reminds his viewers that this difference is also felt while creating the movie. Early reviews of No Time To Die have been positive ensuring Daniel is able to close his Bond era with another bang.


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