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What John Cena Would Have Done Differently With His WWE Debut?

John Cena’s 1st two words in WWE were ruthless aggression, and though he believes he could have demonstrated that some more in his WWE debut. It’s been nearly 20 years since Cena accepted Kurt Angle’s challenge on WWE SmackDown, and to commemorate the occasion, WWE had Cena rewatch the show.

Cena said, I don’t think I came across as a normal person doing normal things. However, the match appears to start aggressively, ruthlessly, and quickly. Kurt, thank you for making me look so good so quickly. When the match became physical, Cena observed that the basics of wrestling did not come to him as naturally as they did to a true athlete like Angle.

Because my fundamentals were not as natural as those of the other performers, I’ve always had to work a little harder on them. Cena stated, But, for a first attempt where it’s evident that Kurt is out there proving his speed, it all went quickly. Following that was a backstage segment in which WWE Champion Undertaker approached a young Cena for a handshake. Cena clearly does not approve of his previous demeanour with the Deadman.

But the Undertaker is intimidating me here. I wouldn’t be intimidated by anyone if I’m aggressive and ruthless, right? And I’m not going to ask to shake Kurt’s hand or something. Here I am, marvelling at my own hand as the Undertaker shakes it. If I truly represented ruthless aggression, I would’ve kicked him in the nuts or bowed up with him and said, “Hey, I’m going to be taking that championship in another week or so.”

John Cena’ professional life

WWE’s John Cena discussed his professional life, which include his character arc all through his WWE run. He disclosed that the John Cena character will indeed not go through what Cena explained as a tectonic shift in 2009. This prompted him to experiment with nuance and nice character changes, which Cena thinks became more visible to fans over time.

But everybody wants to believe what is happening. Even the most legendary superhero characters, who are known for their achievements, are allowed to step back. There is a distinct distinction. The WWE audience does not want that. They are not.

That’s what continues to keep them coming back, and it’s what keeps the train running. That’s a factor. So I was informed that I would not experience a tectonic shift in the character of John Cena, likely around 2009. So that enabled me to get that discussion off the table, which I needed to do or I would have gone into nuance.

If I was going through all that in my life, it would be much easier to take those nuances and incorporate them into a performance. And I don’t believe I’m the only one. I believe that many actors use the process of taking on their feelings and thoughts, their core emotions at a given time, and then trying to project them onscreen. I became so familiar with the character that I could be frustrated and do the same thing over and over, or I could delve into trivial matters.


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