What Is The Song In The Second Suicide Squad Trailer? (Where To Listen) News

What Is The Song In The Second Suicide Squad Trailer? (Where To Listen)

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Time icon June 22, 2021

The last trailer for James Gunn’s Suicide Squad is here, and it’s packed with new wild footage, one butthole joke, and a song that’s always front and centre. The trailer uses its song to great advantage, as one would expect from music obsessive Gunn – who was, of course, the driving force behind The Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Awesome Mix tapes – but it’s a departure from the director’s customary style.

In the same style as The Awesome Mix, Gunn’s earlier trailers, including the first for The Suicide Squad, have all utilised older songs. Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” was a tremendous hit for Guardians of the Galaxy, and Sweet’s “Fox on the Run” was the first teaser for the sequel.

In Avengers: Infinity War, he even gave the Guardians their own soundtrack hook, due to the Detroit Spinners’ “Rubberband Man,” which had an immediate happy effect. In summary, the director understands how to use musical nostalgia to communicate his message. In the first teaser for The Suicide Squad, he used Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work” as a kind of anti-call-to-arms against Amanda Waller.

The hook of the song, “I don’t like the rain sometimes, it’s the only way the roses blossom,” meshes with the gloomy idea that all of the main characters may be killed off. Gunn has already warned fans not to become too connected to his characters because the entire Suicide Squad might be murdered off, and while the idea of new life after pain is appealing, it does seem to confirm that the “rain” is coming.

That sentence is also the title of a song from 2002 called “I Don’t Mind (The Rain),” the chorus of which repeats “I don’t mind the rain occasionally.” Whether or if that was a planned nod in The Suicide Squad trailer remains to be seen.

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