What happened to ”The Boogeyman”?

Sometimes just a great persona will do to keep the wrestling community entertained, and The Boogeyman delivered on that front. Throughout his career, he never put on a spectacular bout and was a fairly limited worker inside the ring, but everyone remembers him as an act. That’s as a result of The Boogeyman getting a lot of attention from the elaborate entrance to the excellent backstage portions. That is something that contributed to the popularity of his persona as he gained the WWE Universe.

The Boogeyman, and I am coming to get you.

This slogan instantly brings up memories of the worm-eating monster, the BoogeyMan, and gives one shivers just saying it out. He horrified those who were challenging as well as those who were watching by filling our screens with live worms. When he said these famed words, his voice imparted flavour, which is why the phrase has persisted all these years after.

How it all started?

Prior to The Boogeyman, Marty Wright tried to get attention on the reality competition Tough Enough. One of the most intriguing villains in WWE history is The Boogeyman. His persona would have been right at home in the 1990s, but he made his debut in 2005 and served more as a comedy relief act than a legitimate wrestler.  After several skits, The Boogeyman made his Smackdown debut in 2005. During the Ruthless Aggression Era, fans had somewhat outgrown such gimmicks, but WWE investing a lot of time and money in the act certainly helped. A lot of The Boogeyman’s opportunity in WWE was due to Booker T, a close buddy in real life, recommending him. They were even put together by WWE for a brief feud that culminated in a bout on WrestleMania 22’s main stage. Boogeyman haunted Booker and Sharmell, wife of Booker T at the backstage scenes throughout the entire plot. Booker T did reveal he used to forget parts of WWE matches.

WWE status

The Boogeyman was spotted signing a contract with WWE on Monday in a social media video, presumably indicating that Marty Wright, 57, will be making a comeback. The video was really a repost from December 2021, when it was rumored that The Boogeyman had extended his WWE legends contract. Since 2015, the organization has had a legends deal with the former WWE Superstar. Marty Wright joined Ohio Valley Wrestling after being fired from Tough Enough, a WWE development organization, before making his SmackDown debut as The Boogeyman. Prior to falling to Finlay in February 2007, he had a lengthy winning run and had defeated JBL, The Miz, and Booker T. He had also appeared in 2015 as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant at number 7 but unfortunately he was eliminated by Bray Wyatt. Early in 2021, Boogeyman made his most recent appearance in a segment terrifying Angel Garza so that R-Truth could pin him behind the scenes in yet another useless 24/7 Championship title change. You can play as The Boogeyman in WWE 2K Battlegrounds and WWE2K22, where is available as a downloadable content. Check out when the next game hits the market.

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