What Happened At Shane Warne’s Villa? Sachin Tendulkar Shares One Story

Blood Stains in the room, massage women in the Villa

Veteran Australian Shane Warne has been named the best leg-spinner in the world of cricket. The great bowler passed away suddenly on March 4. This shocked many in the world of cricket. The 52-year-old Australian bowler died of a heart attack in Thailand. Warne was a close friend of many in cricket circles. He also received a lot of love. After his sudden departure, his fans have paid homage to him.

He had gone there with his friends to enjoy his vacation. At that moment, Warne died suddenly. The untimely death of Shane Warne has raised various suspicions. He was friends with Shane Warne at the last minute. Warne’s friend was the first to see him lying on the ground. He had gone to his room to call Shane Warne for lunch. Despite many calls, Shane Warne did not respond. “We arrived at the scene. At the time, we saw Shane Warne lying on the ground, “said an ambulance worker. Shane Warne’s friend gave him CPR and tried to start breathing.

A woman had gone to the ambulance after Shane Warne’s body was placed in the ambulance. She was alone for half a minute and had a bouquet of flowers in her hand as she entered the ambulance. She stopped for half a minute near Warne’s body. CCTV footage of Shane Warne’s Samujan Villa has surfaced. A few hours before Shane Warne’s death, some women came to the villa. They were called for a massage. Shane Warne’s friends called him for a massage.

Four women were seen coming out of the resort after learning of Shane Warne’s death. Two women were massaging Shane Warne’s friend. No woman has gone near Shane Warne. Shane Warne was pronounced dead at the scene of a heart attack. The postmortem report states that Shane Warne’s death was natural.

Sachin Tendulkar Shares One Story About Shane Warne

Shane Warne once went to Sachin Tendulkar’s house for dinner. A case of that time was very popular. This was revealed by Warne and Sachin Tendulkar.

Warne was a wonderful cricketer on the field, but he was also known off the field as a very funny and kind person. His friendship with India’s great batsman Sachin Tendulkar was also very strong. The two had a very good relationship off the field when the two were competing on the pitch. During Australia’s 1998 tour of India, Warne visited Sachin Tendulkar’s home in Mumbai. Tendulkar had invited him for dinner. During the meal, Warne was given a spicy chicken dish. Warne initially thought he would eat so much spice, but he didn’t.

Warne recalls the incident in an Amazon Prime documentary. “Sachin and I have a good relationship. We were and still are good friends. The series between India vs Australia was known as Warne vs Tendulkar. I had gone to Sachin’s house … I thought I would return to the hotel after dinner. ‘

He continued, ‘I ate a small piece of chicken and I felt dizzy. Still, I kept chewing on the piece. I have a lot of respect for Sachin and his family. ‘

Speaking further, Tendulkar said, “I noticed that Warne was constantly talking to my manager. My manager said Warne ate nothing. I was busy with other guests, so I couldn’t see it. That’s when I realized that Warne can’t eat spicy food. He didn’t want to hurt me, but he asked my manager to help me. In the evening he went to our kitchen and made something from some sausage, beans and boiled potatoes. After that he also ate at my plate. Shane Warne was like that. ‘

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