What Does The Mitchell Trade Mean For The Cavaliers?

What Does The Mitchell Trade Mean For The Cavaliers?

The recent trade has created some difference in power within both the Conferences. The Jazz finally traded their 3-time All-Star Donovan Mitchell for the future rebuild with Collin Sexton and Laurie Markanen as well as loads of picks. But this is a power move from both teams.

Changing balance in power

If we remember correctly than in the previous season, the Utah Jazz were in the 5th seed of the Western Conference. Prior to that, they were the best team in the league during the regular season. But now their intentions are clear. They are gunning for a complete rebuild which means that a spot has opened for the Western Conference and will be covered by a weaker spot.

There has been no major movement going from the Eastern to the Western which means the balance of power within the NBA has shifted to the tougher Eastern Conference. Just with one move there has been such a huge change.

The Cavaliers will be scary in the upcoming season

The Cleveland Cavaliers have earned a win as well. Just think about the Cavaliers lineup. You have Darius Garland as the point guard, who has shown has broken out in the last season by being in the All-Star Team. Now Donovan Mitchell will be in the shooting guard position which is a big bonus considering he is a scoring machine and may as well be the 1st option of the team.

Looking at the small forward position, the Cavaliers can play Caris LeVert for scoring or Isaac Okoro if they are gunning for defensive approach. Then their rookie Evan Mobley could be occupying the power forward position for versatility on both ends of the court. The defensive monster Jarett Allen would be the rim protector of the team as the Center.

That isn’t all, they have depth within the squad with veterans like Kevin Love who is a former champion. Plus veterans like Ricky Rubio and Robin Lopez are valuable assets to the team as well. Cedi Osmaan can provide energy coming off the bench with his defensive hustle.

This is a huge opportunity for coach Bickerstaff to lead the Cavaliers to the playoffs. They have a valuable roster with a balance in both defensive and offensive department. Their 3-point shooting, perimeter lockdown, team play, rim protection and steady scoring approach is surely covered with the talent they have in their roster. What’s more intimidating is the fact that they have a young roster who would hit their prime the next season with veteran presence as well.

What this means for Mitchell?

For Donovan Mitchell this is finally the opportunity that he has been waiting for. He was always in the shadows with a team like the Utah Jazz. He has finally gone to a team with better exposure to the market and the fans. He has the best chance to become an All-NBA player or even MVP in the next season.

On top of that being surrounded with such amazing talent adds to the fact that they can compete for the title which is the kind of situation Mitchell preferred to land on. He has a lot to prove in the upcoming season. Let’s see how far Mitchell and the Cavaliers go in the upcoming season!

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