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What Does the Future Hold for Netflix’s “Castlevania”?

One of the most well-known elements of Castlevania is that it is one of the oldest video game franchises ever created. The first title, Lords of Shadows, was published in September of 1986, and the most recent title, Lords of Shadows 2, was released in 2014.

When Powerhouse Animation released its first season on Netflix, it stunned the entire world, winning it plenty of awards and, most importantly, the love of subscribers all over the world. The series grew stronger with each season, gaining a reputation as one of Netflix’s best animated series.

When Netflix revealed the release date for Castlevania’s fourth season, they also stated that it will be the anime’s final season. Fans were naturally disappointed that we wouldn’t be seeing any more of Trevor Belmont and his adventures with Sypha and Alucard, but Deadline announced in April 2021 that Netflix is considering a new Castlevania series with a fresh plot, cast, and characters.

Original Castlevania series to a close?

The show was not “cancelled,” as some on social media say. Trevor Belmont’s fight against Dracula and the forces of evil came to a natural conclusion.

The series’ future had been cast into question prior to season 4 when series creator, actor, and executive producer Warren Ellis was accused of sexual assault. Ellis’ last contribution to Castlevania was finishing the scripts, but he was not involved in the rest of the development, and he has not been included in the discussions about the new season, according to Deadline.

When is the new series going to premiere?

There’s no lack of inspiration for the new series thanks to the fact that the Castlevania video game franchise has been around since the mid-1980s, with over two dozen titles in its 35-year existence.

Netflix may decide to make a prequel series, which would allow them to tell the origin story of Leon Belmont, the rise of the Belmont Clan as popular vampire hunters, and, most importantly, the origin story of Vlad Tepes aka Dracula. Leon Belmont’s story takes place in the late 11th century.

Christopher, while not the most famous of the Belmont Clan, would be an interesting character to centre the series on. Christopher faces Dracula 100 years after his ancestor Trevor Belmont did in the video game timeline. Christopher Belmont’s story is set in the sixteenth century. Since Simon Belmont is the original hero of the Castlevania video games, a series based on his adventures would be more than sufficient to do the character justice. Simon Belmont’s story is set in the seventeenth century.

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