What Did BTS' V Tell Olivia Rodrigo In Viral Grammys Moment?

What Did BTS’ V Tell Olivia Rodrigo In Viral Grammys Moment?

The Grammy Awards of 2022 were held on April 3. Fans were extremely thrilled as BTS became the center of attraction. The K-pop group was nominated for the second time and they had their first solo and in-person performance.

They became the first Korean act to make history for South Korea. There were numerous moments when Lady Gaga snapped photos with V aka Kim Taehyung and Trevor Noah performing Red Light Green Light. However, nothing could prepare fans for the outstanding performance that BTS showcased.

The K-pop group performed their hit song, Butter, and the moment became one of the highlights of the Grammys 2022. Billboard called it the greatest performance of the night and fans were on board with their spy concept. Fans even asked V to make his comeback as an actor.

One of the highlights of the performance was V’s encounter with Olivia Rodrigo. Both fans and non-fans were swooning and singing ‘Jealousy, Jealousy’. When the performance started, V was seen sitting next to Rodrigo and he leaned in to whisper something as a part of the performance. The idol pulled out a card from behind her and tosses it on the stage.

Fans were shocked by witnessing the chemistry between the two singers. ARMY even joked that they were jealous and chose to focus their attention on Ed Sheeran. Even after days, that moment is being talked about and the BTS member has now revealed all that he whispered to her.

V recently came online to chat with his fans when fans asked for the things he said to Olivia. The idol said he does not even speak English and added, “I don’t even speak English, probably, ‘This is important business. You understand as a fellow professional’”.

“Olivia is a hero.”

ARMY assumed that V might have spoken in Korean commending Rodrigo’s professionalism. The BTS member further stunned fans as he said, “I didn’t speak Korean either though?..”

Fans found this amusing as they questioned what language V spoke in. They also appreciated Olivia for her acting skills as V said, “Olivia is a hero.” An ARMY assumed he might not have said anything and V explained that he did but he could not remember the specifics.

He claimed to be scared and was anxious throughout the performance so he does not remember. “‘You have to act surprised now.’” Fans could easily tell V was scared as his hand was trembling when he gave Olivia the card. They also appreciated Olivia for giving V a reassuring tap on his shoulders.

“Taehyung being so nervous with the performance that you can notice that his hand was even shaking but he really handled it professionally, the skit with Olivia is really that impressive and is going viral, you did great taetae,” one admirer said.

“‘Taehyung what did you say to olivia rodrigo’ taehyung: i dont even know english,” another quipped.

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