Wendy (Red Velvet), Rosé (BLACKPINK), and Tzuyu (Twice) Go VIRAL For Their Creative Usernames On Instagram

Wendy and Rosé have been on Instagram with their official accounts for years, but Tzuyu only joined the social media platform yesterday along with the rest of the members of Kpop GG TWICE.

Ever since the group made its debut on Instagram with individual accounts, social media has been buzzing with fans expressing their happiness. Even though twice members did not have personal Instagram accounts before yesterday, they had been actively posting pictures via the group’s official Instagram account.

All of the group members (except MOMO) debuted with unique instagram account usernames and the one that definitely stood out and made the most noise was the group’s maknae Tzuyu’s Instagram username: thinkaboutzu. The Taiwanese singer and dancer was praised on various social media platforms, including Twitter, where people commended her for her creative and unique username.

Some fans also had a funny reaction to the twice Instagram debut, with one Twitter user saying MOMO used up all of the twice Instagram username budget (to get the perfect MOMO username), while leaving others with “5 dollars” and “a dream”. Fans also made funny comments about Jeongyeon’s username, with one saying “jy_Piece” stands for JYP(iece) of Sh*t. One fan pointed out how both MOMO and Jin of BTS have same, simple yet elegant, usernames.

Tzuyu’s username reminded fans of the creative usernames by other kpop idols, most notably ROSÉ of BLACKPINK who goes by the iconic roses_are_rosie and Wendy who has the Instagram username “todayis_wendy” which is a play on the word WINDY if you couldn’t guess. A tweet titling Tzuyu, Rosé, and Wendy’s usernames as the “best Instagram username” has raked in almost 100K likes.

Take A Look At Some of The Fan Tweets Below:

The “best username” discussion prompted some fans to bring attention to their favorites:

All twice members crossed 3 Million followers on their individual Instagram accounts within hours of debuting.

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