Well-Known American Fashion Designer Alexander Wang Accused Of Sexual Assault

American fashion designer Alexander Wang faces other allegations of sexual misconduct.

Keaton Bullen, 21, a student at Parsons School of Design in New York, blames that he was attacked by Mr Wang at a club in the city in 2019.

It comes as senior lawyer Lisa Bloom says she now represents 11 men with allegations of misconduct against Mr Wang.

Mr. Wang strongly denies all allegations made against him.

Mr. Bullen’ Statement

Mr Bullen, then 20, was with a friend at the Fishbowl club in New York City when he says he encountered Alexander Wang on 24 August 2019 at about 11:30pm.

He told the BBC they first talked about their mutual alma mater, Parsons School of Design in Manhattan below, where Mr Bullen is studying interior design.

Mr Wang then invited the two to his table and handed them vodka in a bottle before leading him to the dance floor, Mr Bullen said.

Early in the morning, Mr. Bullen said, Mr. Wang sexually assaulted him.

“Suddenly he unzipped my trousers, put his hands on my trousers and started holding my penis in front of a crowd,” he said. “I just shuddered.

“He said,” I want to take you home, “said Mr Bullen.” I felt embarrased … and I got out of this situation very quickly. “

Alexander’s Attorney

Paul Tweed, one of Mr Wang’s lawyers, said he was currently awaiting CCTV footage of the club from the night which he said “his client believes will totally disprove this allegation”.

Mr Bullen said he felt compelled to speak up to support others who had come forward with allegations and were being called “liars”.

He is not taking legal action and said he does not want his image to be used, out of concern the public will accuse him of seeking attention.

Previous Allegations Against Wang

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The allegations against Mr Wang surfaced earlier in December after a British model told TikTok that the composer had teased her during a concert at a New York City nightclub in January 2017.

In the video, which began to spread, Owen Mooney, 26, said: “One time I was alone and the guy next to me took advantage of the fact that no one could move.

“And he just started touching me up. Fully up my leg, in my crotch. It made me freeze completely because I was in so much shock.”

Two fashion watchdog Instagram accounts, @DietPrada and @ShitModelManagement, then began sharing several anonymous claims of sexual misconduct against the designer.

Mr Mooney later criticised what he called the “radio silence” from the fashion and film industries in response to the allegations, which affected people who were “male, queer and trans”.

“It looks like #MeToo may be missing out on inclusivity,” he said on social media.

In a statement at the time, Mr Wang denied the allegations, saying they were “baseless and outright falsehood” and that he would “hold accountable” those responsible for spreading them.

Mr Mooney, from Peterborough, is one of 11 people represented by victim rights lawyer Lisa Bloom, who has led a number of sexual harassment cases.

Other Victims

Allegations of Alexander Wang’s behavior began circulating online four years ago.

Nick Ward, 28, a construction worker, alleged on Twitter that Mr Wang had grabbed his crotch at the Brooklyn Mirage nightclub in New York after midnight on 10 September 2017.

Mr Wang denies the allegations and says he was not at the club that night.

DJ Gia Garrison, now 24, described the same encounter with the composer on Facebook.

He recently told the BBC that they met at the VIP club of Slake club in Manhattan in February 2017 during a popular party night party called Holy Mountain.

Avant-garde in theme, for the occasion she proudly remembers wearing a big red cloak her friend had made, over bikini bottoms and thigh-high boots.

“I like being able to show my body and feel comfortable and free,” she said. “There’s no judgement and it’s a space where everyone can love their bodies and embrace themselves.”

At around 2.30am he remembered going to the VIP area with her friends, and after a while, she was introduced to Mr Wang.

“I was dancing near him when he reached out his hand, grabbed my bikini bottoms and dragged it downward in front of everyone,” nearly revealing her genitals, she alleged.

“As a trans woman with discomfort about certain parts of myself that I’ve since grown to love, I don’t want someone to expose my entire body like that,” she added.

Mr Wang’s lawyer denied the allegation and said his client had “never grabbed any woman” in this way.

One of Lisa Bloom’s clients, David Casavant, recently reported to The New York Times that Mr. Wang pulled down his trousers and underwear at a club in New York that same year.

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