Yves Saint Laurent Beauté To Make Web3 Debut With NFTs

L’Oréal Group iconic brand, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, announces its entry to the NFT space.

The beauty brand will launch several NFTs and create an NFT wallet dedicated to its community.

Additionally, it has collaborated with several Web3 players, including Wunderman Thompson agency and Arianee Web3 solutions on its debut.

YSL Beauté plans to create a branded wallet and token-gated Web3 hub.

Through it, customers get to explore and connect with communities around the world built on the latest Web3 technologies.

Furthermore, the virtual space is set to be a place where everyone can feel confident, audacious, empowered, and most of all, free.

Stephan Bezy, CEO of YSL Beauty, said: “To us, Web3 holds the promise of intensified experiences where artistic reinvention and genuine emotions collide. On this path into the unknown, we believe there is room to play with the codes of beauty. As well as push the boundaries of creativity and technology and help shape a bolder present. All on the edge of reality.”

YSL Beauté’s first NFT drop happened yesterday. Vivatech visitors and @YSLBeauty Instagram and Twitter accounts’ followers were able to claim the NFT within a YSL Beauty Wallet app powered by Arianee.

According to the brand, the 10K YSL Beauty Golden Blocks NFTs serve as a token of community engagement. Ultimately, it will unlock utilities throughout the year for its holders. This includes a premiere launch, whitelisting for other NFT drops, and much more.