Youtuber FOOLS The Internet With FAKE Amber Heard 

'Classify,' a popular YouTuber, revealed who was behind the bogus viral Amber Heard'mega-pint' shot and how he accomplished it.

Amber Heard has been a big topic for celebrity gossip recently, following her public and contentious court lawsuit against ex spouse Johnny Depp. As a result, images of her after the trial have been widely circulated and studied.

In the case of a recent viral snapshot, however, it turns out that Amber Heard was not present at all.

Following the conclusion of the defamation litigation between Heard and Depp, photos of Heard – who was forced to pay $15 million – were widely circulated on the internet.

This inspired YouTuber Classify to find an Amber Heard impersonator and pose her for a viral shot.

Classify started by searching Instagram for a stand-in that resembled Amber Heard, finally settling on actress Kseniia Dubovitz.

Classify flew her to Los Angeles and gave her a makeover using clothes and cosmetics that Heard was known to use.

The disguise was supposedly so convincing that others on a TMZ bus passing by just as Classify was taking the soon-to-be popular photos started calling the model "Amber" – and even rapper Bobby Shmurda stopped by to grab a photo.

Once they received the images, Classify solicited the help of his pal FaZeBlaze, who claimed to have spotted the actual Amber Heard while out for brunch.