YouTuber Airrack Hires 100 Paparazzi To Convince Everyone He Is A Celebrity

Viral YouTuber Airrack’s content is always full of excitement and thrill! His YouTube videos never fail to surprise the fans

Airrack made sure to do it once again with his latest video.

His latest video titled ‘What Happens If You Hire 100 Paparazzi’ is a complete package of fun, excitement, and humor.

Airrack begins the video by recalling the time when he was kicked out of a fancy restaurant for ‘wearing shorts’.

The YouTuber decided to take his revenge on all the top restaurants of LA by hiring a flock of paps and pretending that he is a billionaire/celebrity.

Even the general public started taking pictures and selfies with Airrack thinking that he was an actual movie star.

One member of the public even claimed to have seen Airrack in the ‘Shrek 4 movie’. That’s hilarious!!