XQc Lashes Out On Hypocrites Who Promote Gambling Streams On Twitch

Twitch streamer xQc was a target of the audience when he used to do gambling streams on Twitch.

After backlash, the streamer had to quit doing them.

But now, Felix ‘xQc’ has got a reason to be mad at the ‘hypocrites’ who criticized him for doing gambling streams but are themselves promoting such streams.

When xQc saw Gambling Stream clips being shared on Reddit /r/livestreamfail, he was shook!

“I thought gambling was disgusting and nobody should ever do it. But [people on] LSF are uploading clips from gambling streams. Hypocrite much?” he said.

He reveals that the community members of the subreddit, at one point, believed that “gambling [should not be considered] content, can never be content, is never funny, and is never good”

The same Subreddit threw criticism when xQc was doing gambling streams.