WWE Talent Mercedes Mone Is Finally Returning To The Ring

The superstar formerly known as Sasha Banks, Mercedes Mone, departed the WWE informally at the beginning of 2023.

But she plans to return to the arena in the future to compete against some of her old teammates. 

The NJPW and STARDOM star recently revealed she still wanted to battle "a lot" of WWE talent, including both veterans and up-and-comers, during an appearance at Planet Comicon.

"Zoey Stark from NXT is one of my favorites. Her talent and amazingness are, in my opinion, unmatched. "She seems to be primed and ready to go." 

Furthermore according to Mone, Starks is prepared for a run on the main roster. 

Even though they've already engaged in a number of matches, "The CEO" stated in another place that she'd like to go up against Bayley once more. 

 "I love her even if I'm not done with her. I think she is incredible."

Moné also made it known during her Planet Comicon appearance that she wants to wrestle Natalya because she never had the opportunity to do so during her time in the WWE.



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