WWE Is In Discussions To Legalize Match Betting

Because of American gambling rules, it was previously illegal to place bets on WWE events until the company partnered with the well-known online bookmaker DraftKings.

Instead, the website provided free-to-join betting pools where victors would receive a percentage of a pre-determined prize.

But, WWE is currently in discussions to amend that with state gaming authorities. 

WWE is now in discussions with gaming authorities in Colorado and Michigan in an effort to allay concerns about placing a wager on a predetermined entertainment event.

Officials from the gaming industry are said to have spoken with WWE about locking in the outcomes of its high-end live events months in advance. 

In order to persuade regulators that it will keep all results private from parties outside the company—not even the wrestlers themselves.

WWE is apparently collaborating with the accounting firm Ernst & Young, well-known for helping to tabulate and secure results for the Emmy Awards. 

The states of Colorado and Michigan, among others, permit betting on the Academy Awards.



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