“Why You Fighting a Girl”: Fans Go Crazy After Jake Paul and Amanda Serrano Announce Their Fights

Boxing fans have been on the edge of their seats, in anticipation of the future fights in store for Jake Paul and Amanda Serrano. It was recently announced that the duo will have their respective fights on August 6, 2022.

Paul announced on Friday that he and Serrano will be fighting at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York. Moreover, the duo will be fighting under the Most Valuable Promotions banner.

It is reported that ‘The Problem Child’ will be headlining the Showtime PPV at the event. Meanwhile, Serrano will be defending her featherweight titles at the event.

Boxing fans were equally curious and doubtful about Jake Paul’s upcoming bout. Moreover, many took to social media to let their thoughts be known.

 User @DanDodgerD was surprised by the fact that Paul was marketing a fight without deciding on an opponent. Moreover, the user also mentioned that Paul was struggling to find an opponent.

On the contrary, users @Thomasromelo and @TypicalBeazo hilariously mistook the announcement as Paul fighting Serrano.

Meanwhile, a few users felt that the fight was pointless unless Paul fights a real boxer. Moreover, user @mike75961 even mentioned that Paul might be scared of getting knocked out.

In fact, user @Agustef3 felt that Paul is not good enough to be a main event unless he faces a real boxer. Meanwhile, user @mctier_tom also felt that Paul might pick a golfer, an F1 driver, or an actor as his next opponent.

However, user @crazy_italian88 was surprised by all the hate Paul was receiving. Additionally, the user also felt that people were jealous of Paul’s money and success. He even hilariously stated that the haters were commenting while using Mcdonalds’ WiFi.