Why The Undertaker Won't Sign Autographs For WWE Fans?

The Undertaker has been acting a little differently since he formally left WWE. 

The "Man From The Dark Side," who used to be a fervent supporter of kayfabe, hasn't always been afraid to let the curtain down in interviews, films, and one-man performances.

 He returned to "WWE Raw" for the program's 30th anniversary, but this time he didn't go as the customary "Devil of Death Valley," but as the "American Badass."

It wasn't long before "The Phenom" made it known that he had put his hat and coat away for good and that they would never be seen again. 

He is no longer known as "The Deadman," which explains why.

The Undertaker recently revealed in an interview with "The Bet Las Vegas" that when he attends events involving his children, he no longer engages with fans that approach him.

He said that because he spent all those years travelling for WWE, he missed out on many significant events in his children's life.

He understandably wants to be as present as possible now that he can be seen.



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