January 4th, 2002 will go down in basketball history as one of the oddest days. Michael Jordan played against the Chicago Bulls donning the Wizards white jersey.

Jordan started the game on fire. By halftime, the Wizards led 57-37 and Jordan had 25 points.

At the 5:28 mark in the second quarter, Jordan scored his 30,000 career point at the free-throw line. It was fitting that it happened against his former team.

The Bulls stormed back into the game in the second half. With about 23 seconds left in the game, the Wizards were holding on to an 87-81 lead when Ron Artest blocked Jordan's jump shot.

Jordan thought he was fouled on the shot attempt, and this angered him. So, as the Bulls were running a fast break with the ball in Ron Mercer's hands, Jordan chased after.

Mercer beat the Wizards guard, Hubert Davis, at the basket, looking like he was going to make an easy layup.

The crowd in Washington erupted, as Jordan got rid of the ball but continued to scream and show his frustration with the no-call on the other end.

The Wizards went on to win the game by a score of 89-83, and Michael Jordan proved to everyone once again that he could do anything he set his mind to.