When Shaquille O'Neal Dedicated A Song To His Estranged Father

Shaquille O'Neal had a complicated relationship with his biological father Joe Toney due to his father's drug addiction and troubles with the law.

Joe Toney later gave up all parental rights to O'Neal's stepfather, army sergeant Philip Arthur Harrison.

Due to his military background, Harrison relocated Shaq and his family to Germany.

Shaq had his mother and stepfather to look to for guidance as he grew up.

Shaq briefly mentioned his father in the lyrics of one of his songs on his sophomore album "SHAQ-FU: Da Return."

Shaq's song included the line "I'm saying just because you bring a child into the world doesn't make you a father."

The album was released on November 8, 1994.

Shaq went on to have an impressive NBA career, winning multiple championships and awards.

Despite his success, Shaq did not find a reason to reconnect with his estranged father after all those years of growing up without him.