When Mike Tyson Claimed the NBA had Gone Soft

Mike Tyson has made controversial comments on the state of the NBA today, claiming that the league has gone "soft" due to the antics of Dennis Rodman and the Detroit Pistons.

The Detroit Pistons were known for their physically aggressive tactics in the 1980s, which involved imposing their physical presence on their opponents, tiring them out, and inflicting pain.

This tactic was successful for the Pistons, but it also led to brawls during games and has since been scrutinized as unsportsmanlike behavior.

Mike Tyson, a former boxing heavyweight champion known for his own ferocity and aggression, was a fan of the Pistons' actions, especially considering his issues with Michael Jordan, a figure loathed by Detroit.

Tyson has had a variety of celebrities on his podcast, including Dennis Rodman, and their discussion about the "soft" NBA has gained attention.

Tyson believes that the NBA has changed its rules and style of play due to the influence of Rodman and the Pistons' aggressive tactics.

The term "soft" is used to denote a lack of toughness or physicality, and Tyson's comments suggest that the NBA has lost some of these qualities.

However, it is important to note that the NBA's distancing from the aggressive tactics of the past is also a positive development, as it promotes fair play and safety on the court.

Overall, Tyson's comments on the NBA's perceived softness reflect a nostalgia for a different era of the sport, but also highlight the evolution of the game and its changing attitudes towards sportsmanship and safety.