Being sons of the greatest player of all time, Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan had a lot of pressure over their shoulders when they were younger.

Both men were trying to pursue a professional career as their old man did, but neither even made it to the NBA.

However, during their teen years, Marcus and Jeffrey were hyped, mostly thanks to his pops and everything he did on the court. 

Unfortunately, they never lived up to the expectations and ended up doing different stuff instead of being pro players.

During that time, they suffered a huge defeat against a future NBA player, on national TV, in front of their father.

One of the most embarrassing stories about the Jordan brothers happened in 2007 when their Loyola Academy took on North Central of Indianapolis. 

That team featured Eric Gordon, who was a big deal back then and wanted to prove himself against MJ and his sons.

What happened when they clashed against each other would become one of the best high school stories of all time.

Following the game, a young Gordon was asked about how he felt about having a great game against MJ, and he had a humble response.

"It was, I got to show- I was trying to show how good I was. But I'd rather see my team win more than me scoring this many points or do that, or show a fantastic play, so I'd rather see my team win."