When LeBron James Teamed Up With Michael Jordan & Went Unbeaten

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are two of the NBA's all-time great players. Some people think they are without a doubt the best and second-best players in history.

While many members of the older generation will argue that Jordan was the superior player, the younger generation will defend James.

It's difficult to determine who played better. Both of their résumés are outstanding, and they each have a compelling argument against the other.

But there was a time when LeBron James and Michael Jordan were teammates. In his first season, James claimed that they shared a game during training:

“We were on the same team. I was a rookie. I was a rookie in the league, and I went to Santa Barbara to MJ’s camp, and we used to play around 9 p.m."

"The camp would end, he would let the kids watch, like, the first game around, like, 8:30, and then he’d have all the kids leave, and then we would stay, along with the college kids that he would invite to the camp. I was on a team with MJ, and we didn’t lose a game.”

There isn't any video of LeBron James and Michael Jordan playing together, which is a shame.

They both had incredible finishes at the rim and were able to score at will, but they were also better defenders than most players in the sport's history.