How much exactly is Shaq worth currently? Well, his net worth stands at around $400 million right now, showing how he’s made it big in his career even after the NBA.

He’s made countless investments, kept up his career with ESPN, and created a reputable brand for himself. His celebrity status is massive at the moment.

In fact, it’s so big that he once fooled an entire hotel’s staff into thinking he bought the place. 

Shaq appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and the host explained how Shaq played a prank on an entire hotel management team.

“I’m thinking about you and I were shooting something for one of your shows,” Kimmel recalled. “And we went across the street to this hotel and we 

walked in the hotel and of course, people are like ‘oh my god, Shaq is in the hotel.”

“People were going crazy. They’re like ‘what are you doing here’ and you just told people in a very serious way, ‘I just bought the hotel’. Everyone believed it. 

Not for one second did they think. They’re like ‘oh wonderful, well, I’m the General Manager. It’s great to meet you.’”

It’s a hilarious story for sure, and it just goes to show what kind of entertaining and charismatic person Shaq is.