When Is NCT 2021 Happening? Haechan Hints Comeback Of K-Pop Group

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NCT is widely regarded as one of K-most pop’s ambitious groups. After Super Junior’s rotational concept failed; SM decided to form a group with a limitless number of members; and thus NCT was born.

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In 2016, the boy band debuted with six members and went on to form many fixed sub-units, including NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV. Because fans wanted the sub-units to interact, SM decided to host complete group comebacks once a yea; where all of the sub-units would join together. And, according to Haechan, NCT 2021 appears to be on the horizon.

With NCT 2018 Empathy, we had our first full comeback in 2018. It was used to announce the group’s first Chinese fixed sub-unit, WayV, which had 18 members. WayV and NCT 127 have gained more members in the last two years. Sungchan and Shotaro were debuted as the group’s 22nd and 23rd members in 2020.

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With many temporary sub-units and two full albums; NCT 2020 was their biggest comeback yet. The members returned to their fixed sub-units once the NCT 2020 Resonance phase ended. Fans have been begging for an NCT 2021 reunion as they see their favourite members and sub-units connect.

When SM’s timetable for the second half of the year was announced, they already knew it was going to happen. Furthermore, Sungchan hinted at the possibility of a new sub-unit. Furthermore, NCT 127 joked on ‘SNL Korea’ that they had no idea how many new members will be joining them for the reunion this year. Finally, the news of NCT’s third comeback has been confirmed.

During a fan meeting on November 7, Haechan was asked about NCT 2021. He revealed that they had tried everything from the SMCU (SM universe) project for NCT 2021’s concept and that it would most likely happen in December. He is the only NCT member, along with Mark, who is a member of two sub-units: NCT 127 and NCT Dream.

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With two Korean-language comebacks and repackaged albums in 2021, the two members have been pretty busy. At the same moment, another fan posted a video of her fan encounter with Mark; in which he inquired if NCT 2021 was a secret or if he could talk about it.

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