Rapper Drake gifted Stephen Curry his iconic Jeff Hamilton jacket paying homage to Kobe Bryant

Hip-Hop sensation Drake had a custom jacket made for Kobe Bryant’s last All-Star Game, gifted the same to Stephen Curry

In 2016, the world of basketball was going through an emotional time. A  man who had been the face of basketball for two decades was planning to  hang up his boots, and each team in the NBA was bidding farewell to him  in their own unique way.

Just like everyone else, even Drake decided to pay homage to the Lakers  legend. With the 2016 All-Star game in Toronto, Drake didn’t have to  worry about where. The only question that remained now was how.

He teamed up with legendary designer Jeff Hamilton and used his  connections at Nike to get a Jeff Hamilton x Jumpman x OVO piece out.

Stephen Curry and Aubrey have been close since the start of his All-Star  journey. Drake was seen courtside, cheering for the Warriors’ star  during many of their epic Finals.

When designer Jeff Hamiltion heard rumors that Drake had gifted the jacket to Steph, instead of Kobe, he confronted the rapper.

“Yeah, he was kind enough to make me a jacket in collaboration  with Jordan and OVO of course, and yeah, that was a great piece. You  know, I actually… funny enough I… I gifted that jacket to Steph. Uh…  yeah, yeah Steph my guy. You know, we’re family.”

One would think that a custom Kobe jacket might go Kobe’s way. However, I  guess Aubrey chose his friendship with Steph over everything else.