When Charles Barkley Trolled Michael Jordan For His Appearance

Charles Barkley had his share of foes during his time in the NBA. Michael Jordan was one of the important ones.

Charles Barkley, like most stars in the 1990s, had to take on Michael Jordan and the dominant Chicago Bulls squad.

The legendary Phoenix Suns player made sure to get his shots in when he could even though he couldn't defeat him on the court.

Charles Barkley spoke candidly about his former NBA rival on Conan, particularly how people exaggerate his appearance.

According to Barkley, Michael Jordan is only referred to as attractive because of his wealth.

As is well known, after his playing career, MJ established himself as a wildly prosperous businessman.

"People tell me he is good looking. First of all, he is not good looking. Listen, every man who got 500 million dollars is good looking."

"Seriosuly, if he was a plummer, nobody would be saying he's good looking. Ain't no way."

At this moment, Michael Jordan has a reported net worth of $1.7 billion.