When BTS' Jungkook Broke Up With His Girlfriend Because He Didn't Like Going On Dates

Jungkook is one of the most wanted bachelors on the planet but the singer is nothing short of a homebody

Opening up about one of his past relationship, Jungkook shared the hilarious reason he broke up with his girlfriend.

Jungkook had shared that he had a girlfriend during his elementary school days

However, they ended their relationship after less than a year because of the BTS singer

Sharing that he didn't like to go out on dates, the Euphoria singer said

"When I was young, I was in a relationship but not really in a relationship. Elementary school kids date each other, right?

Kids just say they’re dating but I don't really like meeting others. I don't really like going out either

So, I didn't meet my girlfriend for over 200 days."

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