When BTS' Jim, V and Jimin chose food over their K-POP band 

In one of the episode of Run BTS, BTS had the opportunity to enjoy a barbeque buffet, but they had to perform well in a 'figure quiz' game to keep the ingredients

Unfortunately, BTS struggled to name celebrities and as a result they ended up with only few mushrooms, kimchi and rice 

To salvage the situation, Jimin took the lead and initiated negotiations with producer to secure pork belly strips for the group 

Members entrusted this crucial task to Jimin, Jin and V believing that they held the fate of the group's meal in their hand

It was finally decided that BTS would play final game. If they win they will get a pork belly but if they lose they have to shoot a promotional video free of charge

JImin, Jin and V chose food over BTS and agreed without reconsidering the deal 

However, Suga was disappointed that the three sold BTS for food and objected over the same 

but Jimin defended their actions, highlighting their hunger and determination 

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