What If..? Season 2 Can Premiere in 2022

By: Christy Mathew

Good news for MCU fans as Marvel producer suggested that the season 2 for What If...? could release as early as 2022.

What If...? season one has 9 episodes and revolves around MCU storylines to reinvent them in different ways. This experimentive narrative formula allows creatives in the MCU to create unique concepts within the MCU.

The first two episodes of the Disney+ series saw how the MCU will be changed if one of the main heroes were changed. But in episode 3, it shifted entirely into a murder mystery. 

The first season still has 6 episodes to premiere but it seems like Marvel is already gearing up for season 2. Producer Brad Winderbaum revealed to Collider that they are aiming for the new season to be released annually. 

He said, "As you know with animation, it takes a long time to produce. We were fortunate enough to get the green light on a second season early enough to have a chance to release it next year. We'll see what happens. Obviously, I don't want to predict the future with this new world we live in, but our intention is to make it an annual release." 

Marvel will have more characters to explore in season 2 as they are introducing new heroes like Shang-Chi and the Eternals. However, it remains to be seen if the show is a collection of separate one-off stories.

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