weverse magazine faces backlash after shading BTS' Jimin and Suga in an article

Weverse magazine downplayed Jimin and Suga in an article after which it had to go through ARMY'S anger

The Magazine a fresh piece of about singer Morgan Wallen on May 25

While the piece initially sparked anger since it was about singer Morgan Wallen

Many were also outraged because it appeared to disparage BTS' Jimin and Suga 

When referring to Morgan Wallen’s success, they downplayed Jimin’s own solo achievements by explaining

At least Miley Cyrus, SZA, and Jimin have had some partial success in breaking up his domination of the Hot 100.”

While it showed Jimin’s success on the charts, the use of the word “Partial” success to downplay his achievements.

When speaking about their ambitions to reach Billboard success, the article wrote that while the controversial artist achieved success, the K-Pop artists couldn’t.

BTS’ Suga is praised for inclusion of trigger warnings during his tour