wayv's october plans cancelled after lucas' scandal & new law

By Christy Mathew

It was announced before that NCT and WayV's Lucas and Ten willl be flying out to China on Sept. 10. However, fan sites notices that only Ten was boarding the flight.

However, as oer a news agency, Lucas' flight seemed to have been canceled but all of wayv;s plans in  hna have coeme to a stop. Fans think it might have something to do with China's entertainment law.

Ever since, C-Pop idol's Kris Wu and Lucas' scandals, China has been requesting authorities to enact stricter laws regarding the industry. This also includes boycotting male idols who look effeminate and who promote foreign entertainment in lieu of traditional Chinese cilture.

They also want to ban idol worshipping and fandom culture which involves minors on entertainment and merchandise. If these guidelines are not followed then fan clubs, platforms and websites will be banned.

Along with the new laws, fans believe WayV's schedules have been halted because of Lucas' scandals. He was involved in cheating, dating, and gaslighting scandals that divided the fandom.

Some wanted Lucas to be removed from the group but neither SM nor Lucas' apology letters deny or accept these rumours. This has also led to fans being hopeful as they wait for them to clear the situation.

SM has also released a schedule for the second half of 2021. This includes NCT's comeback and Lucas and Hendery's Jalapeno. WayV had released sub-unit singles since this summer and Lucas and Hendery were next. But it got suspended because of Lucas' scandal.