Watch 2PM Lee Junho & Lee Se Young Filming Tear-Jerking Scenes In “The Red Sleeve”

Preparation tips by: Charlie Smith

“The Red Sleeve” on MBC has released a behind-the-scenes peek at episodes 16 and 17!

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

The drama provided a making-of clip for viewers who loved 2PM Lee Junho and Lee Se Young’s exquisite chemistry. The final episode aired on January 1, but the drama offered a making-of clip for fans who enjoyed 2PM Lee Junho and Lee Se Young’s exquisite chemistry.

The team members rejoice as Lee Se Young arrives on set dressed in a gorgeous hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) rather than her normal court lady’s gown.“I have become a concubine!” she jokes. The director quips, “You did it, Deok Im (Lee Se Young’s character name)!”

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Lee Junho and Lee Se Young are seen resting side by side as they prepare to film the next scene in another scene. He comments,” The weather is cold,” and she adds, “But we weren’t cold, right? Because we had love!” Lee Junho breaks out laughing, while Lee Se Young hides beneath the duvet with an ashamed guffaw. 

The two actors then film outside for the pivotal scene in which Seong Deok Im prevents Yi San (Lee Junho’s character) from fleeing. Lee Junho expresses his enthusiasm for the scene, and they discuss every last detail with the director.

“I can’t grab you like the way you grab me, but I’ll do it lightly,” Lee Se Young replies. Lee Junho looks touched as he comments, “It’s the first time [she’s grabbed me]. I’m suddenly trembling. My heart dropped all the way to the bottom.”

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Lee Se Young films Lee Junho during a break and says, “Aren’t you cold?” He politely declines and says that he is filming with her. She then asks whether he’s having trouble, to which he responds, “No. Because I’m with Deok Im.” Lee Se Young remarks, “I apologize for not being able to capture all of your handsomeness”.

Lee Se Young and Lee Junho then get ready for the scene in which they share the dumplings she made. They inspect the food, and the director informs him that it is supposed to taste bad. When a staff member informs them that they prepared inedible dumplings on purpose, Lee Junho’s countenance darkens with concern.