Was the ‘real’ Andrew Tate killed in prison?

The latest in the Andrew Tate saga involves speculation that he was killed in prison and clones of Tate and his brother Tristan were released instead

Tate brothers were arrested by Romanian authorities last year 

They were arrested on the speculations of human trafficking, rape and organizing a crime 

Since being released, the brothers have taken to their 'Emergency Meeting' podcast on YouTube

A user named 'Andromedaskarma' posted the following: "I don't care what [anyone says]. I believe that this Andrew Tate is a clone. Look [at] the ears. The first one is from him being released.

looks like they cloned his brother and made him. Andrew's ears are away from the head and big. The Tate [we have] now [has] his ears close to the head. It's a clone."

Another user wrote: why do i have a feeling that andrew tate got cloned and that it’s actually not him  

@Cobratate Andrew Tate got cloned in prison. They killed the real one.

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