Walking Dead Acknowledges Rick’s CRM Fate (Why Is He So Valuable?)

By Christy Mathew

Rick Grimes’ identity has finally been revealed in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, but why is he so important to the CRM?

The Walking Dead season 9 offered Andrew Lincoln the most cryptic exit possible when he left his role as a full-time protagonist of the zombie apocalypse. Rick’s sickly body was discovered by Jadis; who used her business ties with the Civic Republic Military to gain them both a free trip to safety after he was impaled and blown up (on the same day, no less).

Rick’s sole hope of survival, according to Jadis, was a Civic Republic doctor. Andrew Lincoln hasn’t appeared since, although Season 10 of The Walking Dead at least proved Rick’s survival. Michonne came upon an iPhone with a photo of herself and Judith engraved on it. The character’s finding not only proved her beloved was still alive; but it also suggested Rick couldn’t come home to Alexandria for whatever reason; implying his escape from the CRM.

Unfortunately, The Walking Dead has kept us in the dark about Rick Grimes’ destiny… until now. Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond takes a risk and reintroduces Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis, six years after she first joined Rick on that fateful chopper.


Despite the fact that Jadis only mentions Rick Grimes once in her Walking Dead: World Beyond comeback episode (“Who Are You?”), it’s a potentially crucial clue. When Jadis left the junkyard and joined the CRM properly, she “gave the Civic Republic something very valuable,” she tells Huck. The line makes it clear that Jadis is “giving” the CRM Rick Grimes as her ticket into the group; and it gives important information about Rick’s current situation in The Walking Dead.

To begin with, we now know Rick was warmly welcomed by the CRM. During the ninth season of The Walking Dead, Jadis told the CRM about their departure. Rick was a “B,” despite the fact that he had earlier stated that he was an “A”. Angela Kang, the showrunner for The Walking Dead, then said Jadis lied to guarantee the chopper picked them up.

Whether via deception or not, Jadis’ description of Rick as “valuable” indicates that the Civic Republic saw Rick as a worthy purchase for one reason or another. Second, Rick’s connection to the CRM is implied by Huck and Jadis’ exchange in Walking Dead: World Beyond. Jadis seemed to have obtained a great post and a nice life in the Civic Republic after handing over Rick.

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