NBA legend Dwyane Wade and Heat superstar Jimmy Butler lost a huge sum while gambling with Rajon Rondo during their Bulls days

To be in the NBA, you have to be the best. Thousands of kids aspire to join the league every year, but only a handful make it there. To be successful in this ever-evolving, past-faced league is no joke.

There are tons of superstars who end up retiring without even a single championship to their name.

Dwyane Wade isn’t one of them. A 3x NBA Champion, DWade has seen what it takes to win and has achieved the same. In 2016, D Wade signed a 2 year, $49 million deal with the Bulls.

There, he teamed up with Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo. Many thought this Big 3 had a lot of potential, and could go all the way and win the East.

There was turmoil within the team, and the Bulls lost 4-2 in the first round of the playoffs. However, the season also granted Rajon Rondo some additional cash on top of his 2-year, $28 million deal.

Players in the NBA bond over different things. Often, teams bond during gambling sessions in flights or in hotels when on the road. Dwyane Wade shared the story of how Rajon Rondo used to dominate those sessions.

Me and Jimmy were going on a two-week road trip and Rondo is a shark. Rondo is one of those guys that he can probably count all the cards. He shouldn’t play; he’s too smart.

So we were gambling with him and Jimmy says, ‘D, how much money you going to bring?’ I said, ‘We’re going on a two-week trip and I feel like man I’m going to bring a lot of money. I’m going to bring $50,000.’ I can lose $50,000 for this trip. I mean, not lose, but I’ll lose.”

“I lost $50,000 within two hours on the plane ride. We didn’t even get to the city we were going to, and you know who else lost it? Jimmy Butler lost as well.” I guess there is a reason for Rondo’s high basketball IQ. He’s just too smart for games!