Vought Streaming Service & Theme Park Revealed In The Boys Season 3 Video

Amazon’s latest “Seven on Seven” ad promoting The Boys season 3 transforms Vought into Disney, complete with different corporate moves and updates on supes like A-Train.

Though there are a number of superhero movies and television shows available today, few are as current and as sharp-witted as The Boys.

With the debut of its second season last year, Amazon’s satirical take on superhero culture reached new heights, lambasting everything from white supremacy to Scientology.

The Boys received a stunning number of Emmy nods, including one for best drama, to round off their successful run.

Amazon has discovered unique ways to promote The Boys season 3 while fans wait for an official release date, in an attempt to expand on season 2’s incredible popularity.

The Boys has hinted at how big of a corporation Vought is in its fictional world over its first two seasons, but the monthly “Seven on 7” films have taken things a step further.

Vought has come to represent real-world corporations such as Disney and Fox News, and it’s both humorous and alarming to witness how far its power extends in the Boys universe.