‘Vikram Is Dynamic, Confident, And Intelligent, Says Saif Ali Khan Of Vikram Vedha, With Hrithik Roshan

Following the success of his recently released scary adventure, Bhoot Police, Saif Ali Khan discussed his upcoming projects and the concept of becoming more commercial in his approach.

The actor is presently preparing for his role in the Vikram Vedha remake, which will pit him against Hrithik Roshan in a battle royal.

In this Pushkar and Gayatri-directed film, Saif will play a hard cop, while Hrithik will play a ruthless gangster.

Saif, interestingly, also played a cop in the digital series Sacred Games.

“Vikram, on the other hand, is a tough, successful, and bright IPS officer,” he continued.

He has a lot more energy, confidence, and strength. Vikram also doesn’t wear a turban.

In this marathon schedule, Saif is expected to join the team in the month of November.