VIDEO: Netflix Brings A Real-Life Squid Game To Downtown Los Angeles

In a humorous and frightening new video, Netflix brought Squid Game to life in downtown Los Angeles.

When it premiered on September 17, the hit Korean series took the world by storm.

The show has proven to be a popular source of inspiration for those celebrating Halloween in 2021, thanks to its deadly twist on typical children’s games.

As a result of the event, shops have already reported a significant rise in sales. Vans reported a 7800 percent increase in white slip-on sales, while boohooMAN recorded a 170 percent increase in red jumpsuit searches.

As Squid Game continues to feed into worldwide pop culture, some fans have attempted to reproduce the dramatized children’s games seen in the show.

Hwang Dong-series hyuk’s presents a variety of entertaining childhood classics, many of which are recognizable to Korean audiences.

Now, it appears that Netflix has helped with the production of Squid Game with a “Halloween surprise” in Los Angeles. Fans and Koreatown residents were asked to play a variety of the games shown in the show, including Ddakji and Red Light, Green Light, in a video posted to the streamer’s Twitter page.