Prior to Game 5 of the series, Fake Klay snuck into the Chase Center and got shots up before the matchup began.

NBA fans found this hilarious, but it seems like the Warriors organization didn't as he was handed a lifetime ban from the Chase Center for trespassing.

Additionally, Fake Klay also spent around $10K on his tickets, for which he was never refunded. 

He revealed on his YouTube channel that losing that money was worth it, as he was technically an NBA player for 10 minutes.

In the video, he showed how he got into the stadium and got shots up before Game 5 began.

In fact, he just walked inside with so much confidence that the Warriors' security never even questioned him.

Keeping that in mind, his lifetime ban should surely be reversed. But even if it doesn't, this is certainly a legendary video, and fans will always show love for it.